Guess what? More knitting!

June was a busy month, with Pip’s birthday, guests from England, school field trips and end of year activities. It was all fun, but I’m glad it is over and the summer holidays are here! DH is in a new job, so has no holiday which means we won’t be going anywhere, but having a local job means we have the time and energy for day trips. The girls are old enough now to make travelling a little easier. Unfortunately, they both get car sick if they try to read or colour in the car, so that might make things a little trickier! We are planning to go to a few places around the Island at weekends, but during the week the girls and I have grand plans with Grandma. We will, of course, be making the most of the leisure time and not rushing around too much. As much as I love to be productive and ‘get things done’, I have grown to believe in the value of not scheduling. The girls are both quite happy to be home, so there isn’t as much pressure to always have activities and playdates to go to as some parents experience. We will, however, be exploring some of the many parks this fabulous town has to offer, going on nature hikes, playing at the beach, taking photographs, bike riding, going to the water park and have also written a list of places the girls are interested in visiting. They have chosen the Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, Rathtrevor, Coombs, Barton & Leier Gallery and the Fossil Tour through the Courtenay and Comox Museum.

Despite the busy sound of all that, I am planning to do a lot of knitting! My back issue means I can’t do the stuff I would normally do – gardening – so enforced leisure translates into knitting for me! I am so excited about what I have been making. I was determined to make myself a cardigan and I have done it! It was a real challenge, although perhaps more of a confidence issue than anything else. I finished the cardigan yesterday and just have to go find some buttons to add to it. It is a shortish cardigan, with lace details and negative ease (meaning it doesn’t meet in the middle across my torso, though it will button at the top. I was a bit concerned yesterday that I had underestimated the size of my bust, but I can live with that.

Dark teal cardigan with lace detail

Mt first cardigan

dark teal cardigan with lace detail, back view

Moch cardi - back

Lace detail on Moch cardi

Lace detail on Moch cardi

I have also been working on a lace scarf, using some beautiful lace yarn from Malabrigo. I fell in love with the colours of this yarn and the soft feel. I really wasn’t sure I had chosen the right project for it, but in the end it turned out beautifully, especially with the addition of the beads. Lynette, from Mad About Ewe suggested the addition to highlight the curves of the Feather and Fan pattern and she was right. They really did add a lovely touch.

Feather and fan scarf using dark purple and pink lace yarn from Malabrigo

Feather and fan scarf, Malabrigo lace

Feather and fan lace scarf with bead detailing

Feather and fan lace scarf with bead detailing


I still have to work on the Abrazo shawl, but don’t have the focus for the tiny little beads at the moment. It definitely requires my full attention and am too tired to do it right now. I am trying to decided that to cast on next. I have some lovely silk/flax/polyester called Pollyanna from Infiknit, in a soft cream colour and have a long list of potentials to consider. I have some other beautiful yarns to work with, but need to make something light, now that summer seems to have finally arrived!


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on July 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Guess what? More knitting!”

  1. I love the cardigan – hard to believe it’s your first one! I’m also indulging in some quality knitting time right know – I’ve done half of the back of a lacy summer pullover and can’t wait to get it finished so that I can wear it.

    Hope you and the girls enjoy the summer holidays!

  2. Thank you. I have to admit that I’m chuffed to bits with it! Unfortunately, just as I finished it, the summer arrived and I was roasting in it yesterday and had to admit defeat and get changed! What pattern are you using for your pullover? Do you use Ravelry?

    We’re having a lovely holiday so far, thanks! Same to you!

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