Recent knitting

My poor husband is convinced that I have lost my love for sewing, now that knitting has come my way! That seriously is not the case, but I have been sewing nearly every night for at least 3 years and it is kind of nice to have a ‘hobby’! I think it has a lot to do with learning a new skill and the excitement of achieving something I thought I couldn’t do. I am really, really pleased with how much I have learned and how well I am doing. If you know me at all, you’ll realize how unusual it is for me to say that I have done something well, regardless of whether I have. I’m slowly coming to accept that being proud of your accomplishments does not necessarily make you cocky and conceited. Perhaps finding that balance is as much of an achievement as learning to knit lace or cables or socks!

I have just completed my first lace project, a fairly straightforward Shetland Lace scarf. I used Pima Lino Lace in a vibrant pink colour. This cotton/linen blend knits up very well and is soft enough not to irritate my neck, unlike the alpaca I used for the Ruffle Scarf.

Shetland Lace Scarf in Pima Lino Laceweight yarn

Shetland Lace Scarf

I did start work, several times, on the Abrazo shawl pattern I bought from Twist Collective, but have since frogged it and started afresh on another project. (Did you see that? I used the word ‘frogged’ like I knew what it meant! I’m figuring out the lingo! PS I basically means unravelling something you have knit. Perhaps you actually have to finish it to be able to frog it, but I’m sticking with it!) I have used the 100g Confetti Sock Yarn in shades of grey for another lace scarf project, this time a free download from SweetGeorgia Yarns, the CashSilk Fern, though I am clearly not using CashSilk until I feel safer in justifying the cost of the yarn for a project for myself! This is how far I am on that project:

Lace pattern scarf using Confetti sock yarn in shades of grey

SweetGeorgia Fern scarf

I really like the shades of grey and the pattern. I could see me doing this again using a different yarn, but I am so eager to try new patterns that it might be awhile before I do this again.

I have a glove project on the back burner, but the sort-of arrival of spring has me thinking more about light weight scarves than angora gloves, so that might not progress too quickly! That said, I have just started my first pair of socks and am loving them so far. The stitches are so small and neat and the patterning of the Nova Sock Yarn is vibrant and appealing, although perhaps not my usual colour choice!

Sock knitting in progress

First sock

There are a few other things happening around here, apart from knitting! Yesterday was Mother’s Day and Bri took the girls to Mad About Ewe to get a gift for me. Damn, did I say something was happening other than knitting?! I was wrong! My lovely, lovely husband and children bought me a skein of Centolavaggi laceweight Italian Merino, as well as a set of sock tubes. On top of that, the most beautiful “I Love You” plaque and several fabulous paintings, lunch at A&W with my Mum and an afternoon of gardening. A wonderful day, all in all. Brian spent the afternoon constructing the new playhouse for the girls, as part of the Secret Garden project. We are such a lucky family, to have one another and to have this wonderful space to play, grow and explore.

Peek-a-boo view of the girls' playhouse at the bottom of the garden

Peek-a-boo view of the girls' playhouse at the bottom of the garden


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on May 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Recent knitting”

  1. How brave you are to try socks!! I’ve been knitting for years but have never got round to making a pair. I find knitting very relaxing, but at the moment I’m trying to improve my crochet skills – only started last year, but I’m hooked already!

  2. So far, so good! The pattern is for a basic pair, so nothing too complicated to worry about – yet! Will let you know how finishing off the toe goes. As with gloves, the trick will be knitting an identical second one!
    Your crochet work is beautiful and makes me want to try my hand at it. So many wonderful skills to learn!

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