Off my needles

One of the things I have been working on is a ruffled scarf with optional beaded cast off, from Le Tissier Designs, aka Lynette Meek. The sample in the store is in a really pretty purple yarn with lovely beads and that is what attracted me in the first place. However, I decided to try something neutral that would work well with summer outfits. I chose a cream 100% alpaca yarn by Drops Studio. Unfortunately, I misinterpreted the instructions and ended up with far more stitches than I should have! Rather than ending up with 700 stitches, I had 2106! Don’t ask. Due to the abundance of stitches and shortage of beads, I decided not to use them this time. In truth, with this much ruffle, it doesn’t need beads, but I will be making more, in different colours and with beads!

Ruffle scarf in cream alpaca

Ruffle scarf in cream alpaca


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on April 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Off my needles”

  1. Lovely scarf! And I don’t think it looks like you made a mistake with the number of stitches – wouldn’t it have been much shorter with a third the number?

    • Thanks! It starts with 130 stitches, but increasing the number of stitches every other row gives it the ruffly effect. With fewer stitches it would still be ruffly, just not quite as full. I stopped at about 2.5″ wide, as I couldn’t bare to do any more rows! I’ve nicknamed it the Virgin Queen Scarf, as it makes me think of Queen Elizabeth’s ruffled collar!

      The outcome is pretty and I have learned some valuable lessons with this project. I have already bought more yarn and plan on making at least one more – correctly – then I’m aiming to start work on a cardigan. I am an ambitious beginner, so I think I can handle it, though probably with the help of my LYS! I’m considering the February Lady Sweater, which seems very popular.

      Is winter over for you yet?


  2. (…and you can wear a scarf in SUMMER?) Looks lovely and cuddly and warm. Perfect, even without the beads.

    • Yeah, I could wear a scarf in summer! I think I might be cold-blooded! You should see how many pairs of gloves and socks I wear in the winter! Seriously.

      That said, it is a very lightweight scarf, but I think it would be quite warm. I am going to have so many scarves by next winter!

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