Winter 2010

Little girl shovelling snow

Milly shovelling

Winter has hit, temporarily perhaps, so we are making the most of the snowy weather, knowing that it may not last! We love the snow, probably because it doesn’t usually last for more than a couple of weeks! The girls have had a blast this week, shovelling the driveway, racing around the garden, making snow angels, dinosaurs and snowmen. We are fortunate that we generally have nothing urgent to get done while the roads are thick with snow and crazy drivers – frankly, most of the shopping can wait until the roads are safer. It isn’t like the snow stays around for months and we have to learn to go about our normal lives like people do in other areas, so we settle in, wrap up warm and enjoy it. I know people still need to get to work, but there are plenty of times that people go out to the mall, restaurants etc when they really should be staying home! Seriously, is it really that urgent?!

snowy street scene

Snow day

Yesterday the roads were awful in the morning after a fair fall of snow throughout the night, so the school district declared a snow day. It was so much fun! A classmate of Pip’s came over to play (just from across the street – no driving involved!) and they had a fantastic time playing together in the snow, then they had some hot chocolate to warm up, built an enormous train track and watch Polar Express. In the afternoon I baked some mincepies while the girls played outside some more. Later on, we did some knitting, I cut pics out of some old magazines as part of my decluttering ambition and we watched the classic “The Snowman”. All in all, a brilliant day.


Back garden in winter

Snowy garden

snow boards lined up outside portable classroom

Snow shack

The picture above was taken by the portable classroom at Pip’s school. It was an amusing sight to see all the snowboards and sleds lined up, ready for action!

Our daughters snuggling on the couch


Handmade Christmas stockings


The stockings are not so secret gifts for family members. I highly doubt any of them will read this post, so I’m pretty safe! The ones with the cuffs are about 13″ from top to heel, the un-cuffed ones are 15″, so there is plenty of space for gifts and treats. Now I just have to make something to put inside……


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on November 26, 2010.

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