Halloween Round-Up 2010

Work commitments over the past few weeks have meant that I didn’t manage to think ahead to Halloween as I would normally do, so it really wasn’t our most creative year! In the past we have had some great, unique costumes, all handmade. This year, on the other hand, I bought a dress for one and used a dress from the closet for another! It actually worked out quite well, though we are all determined to plan ahead next year! DH really, really wants to make a Bender costume (the robot from Futurama) and apparently that is more in his field of expertise than mine! As for this year, the oldest decided she wanted to be a vampire. Don’t ask me how a 6 year old knows about vampires – I’m assuming it has something to do with being in school now! We found a fantastic dress at Home Sense for $30 and couldn’t pass it up. She loves it and has worn it several times already, so it was well worth the $30. The little one actually wanted to be a princess, so I made a crown and cape to go with a hand me down bridesmaid’s dress she had in her closet, along with a coordinating bag from my stash. Here’s a picture of the two of them with Grandma, who is dressed as a devilled egg! Genius!

vampire, queen, devilled egg costumes for Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010

Milly in Queen costume with gold dress, cape, crown and bag

Queen Amelia

Philippa as Queen of the Vampires, Halloween 2010

Philippa, Queen of the Vampires, Halloween 2010

Of course, there were several events to go to this year, between school, preschool, party, trick or treating and a little party at Grandma’s house, so the costumes got a lot of use. Bri and I also dressed up, but of course didn’t think to get many pictures of ourselves! I was variously a lady at a masked ball (good excuse to wear my favourite frock), Lois Lane the Later Years and Maid Marion. Bri dressed as a hunchback for one of the parties we attended.

Mum worked really hard to make a little party for the girls at her house. We don’t do much trick or treating at all, so it was nice to have a special evening with Mum. She did a fantastic job with food, decorating and music and we had a super evening.

white painted gourd with hat and cape

Ghoulish gourd

I love pumpkin carving, so the girls don’t get a look-in yet! These are a couple of the carvings I did this year.

pumpkin carving 2010, skeleton climbing out

Pumpkin 1, 2010

Carved pumpkin with food on cocktail sticks

Party pumpkin 2010

Carved pumpkin, bat

Pumpkin 2, 2010


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