Spring is in the air

OK, so I’m in denial about the onset of fall! Can you blame me? I love spring, with the milder, slightly drier weather, the emergence of fresh growth and the promise of all the good things to come. Today has been a glorious day in Nanaimo and a great reminder that spring will come again. Fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest can, let’s be honest, be rather damp. We have a large garden, which I love looking at from the studio when I am sewing, ‘surfing’ or writing. I long for the return of spring, when I can get outside and start pruning, planting and planning. Sadly, I have not been able to do much for the last couple of years, after I hurt my back, but that doesn’t stop me thinking about it and trying to sneak in a bit of weeding or harvesting when no one is looking. (Foolish, I know, but it is hard to resist and perhaps goes some way to explaining why the disk has taken so long to heal. It seems that the simple act of bending or even squatting to pull a carrot or an errant weed is too much for now.)
Anyway, today was sunny, mild and very, very welcome. Mum came over to help sort a few things in the garden, so we have a little less to struggle with come next spring. We are considering rearranging the vegetable garden and concentrating on smaller, raised beds. ‘We’ had to pull out the soaker hose, so the garden can be rototilled to loosen the quack grass. Mum also dug up and relocated some of the flowers growing under the grapevine so that it is easier to pick the grapes next year, without risking quite so much damage to the flowerbed below. It has been a productive year for our two grapevines – heading on for 20lbs of lovely green grapes, which are delightfully sweet, with a tart edge. One thing I have learned this year is that they may be tasty, but the jam they make is not particularly appealing to look at! That said, it is going to work well for some Halloween snacks I have in mind….


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on September 27, 2010.

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