End of summer

Well, I guess it isn’t technically the end of summer, but the return to school next week means that we are all feeling a transition coming. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, I love having relaxed days with my girls, not having plans and being free to potter about. However, I am looking forward to a return to routine now. The summer hols are quite long and we haven’t been away, so I’m ready for a schedule again. No more lazy mornings, messing about on the computer! I will have to actually be organized, make tea, pack lunches, find snacks, get dressed, find shoes, nag the girls to get dressed and come down for breakfast. Then nag them to get on with it, brush their teeth, brush their hair, find socks, get their shoes, coats, hats and get out the door on time. On second thoughts, the summer can stay!

We had a day of rain this week. A very grey, miserable reminder of what winter will bring. Once in awhile it is great to have a lazy, rainy day where you don’t have to do anything much, but it does lose its appeal rather quickly. On this week’s rainy day, the girls begged to watch a Christmas movie, because “it’s almost winter! Please, Mum! We haven’t watched a Christmas movie in forever.” So, yes, I crumbled and let them watch “The Polar Express”. Turned out to be rather good timing, as I have an order for advent calendars and it helped me get into the spirit!

My very talented and supportive husband has been working on a new website for my company. I am so excited about the layout and functionality we have devised and can’t wait until it can be revealed! Over the years I have been building the foundations and now all the little pieces are falling into place to make the transition from a very local business to having more of an online presence. I have had orders from the other side of the world and there is so much to think about to do it all properly and professionally. Word of mouth advertising is the absolute best way of getting new business for me, but it is essential for business development for people outside of my wider circle of friends and acquaintances to be able to see what I do.

Under the “Pip ‘n’ Milly” banner, I will be attending a couple of pre-Christmas shopping events, so we have also be working on the plans for displays, what inventory to have on hand, retail supplies like business cards, hang tags, shopping bags, gift certificates and also security. It is sad to have to think about that, but the thought of some dishonest person stealing my work is even sadder. I am excited about the prospect of greater exposure for the business, but also very nervous about the public scrutiny. It is one thing when people come to me for something, quite another to be showing my wares to strangers and proving my worth out there. Gulp! Still, quality and good workmanship will prove itself…I hope!

In the meantime, there is a lot of sewing, designing, planning and list-writing to be done, so I had better get on with it!


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on September 3, 2010.

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