Summer ruffle pants and altered top

We are having another glorious summer in Nanaimo. May and June seemed to have slightly more than their fair share of rainy days, but July has brought scorching heat. The grass is drying out, the flowers are wilting, but the water is warming up nicely, so we went down to the beach for a swim this afternoon. It took us awhile to immerse ourselves, but the girls got in quickly enough, as children do! It really is wonderful to live just 1km from the beach.
I have been keeping busy with sewing, but, as usual, have been rather lax at taking photos of things. I am always so keen to get on with the next project and I sew at night, so that’s not an ideal time to take pictures. However, today I indulged in some pre-breakfast and post-lunch sewing and made a pair of ruffle pants (trousers) for my 6 year old, who fell in love with a pattern I bought recently (McCall’s M6062) and actually asked me to make them for her. I have made her similar pants in the past, but this time she chose her own fabric, which was an experience in itself. Not a particularly fun one at that. She has quite fixed ideas sometimes and whilst I want her to develop her own style, I could not bring myself to combine the green and purple fabrics she initially picked out. It was progress from looking for the exact fabrics on the pattern envelope, but not quite the look we were after! In the end she found a green and aqua print and a pretty cloud print for the ruffles.
The top is one she loves, but refused to wear any longer, as it had developed holes in the wrist area. Having seen numerous examples of shirts being cut up and turned into ruffles on garments, I decided to give it a try. Rather than adding ruffles to the front of the shirt, I cut the sleeves to just above the elbow and used the undamaged parts to make a ruffle to encircle the newly located cuff. I am really pleased with how it turned out – and, more importantly, Philippa loves it too.

Ruffle pants and top


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on July 11, 2010.

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