School’s out for the summer!

Today was the last day of school. Hard to believe the first year of school for our little girl is over already. She and her classmates have grown so much over the last few months, physically, socially and emotionally. They have been in two classes, a.m. and p.m., but in September they will all be divided up into a variety of classes – straight grade 1, K/1 split and 1/2 split. We won’t know for sure which class she will be in, though I think it will be the straight Grade 1 class. I also suspect that the uncertainty will mean that the FM system which has been recommended by the audiologist to assist with her hearing loss will not be in place for the start of the school year. She should have her own hearing aid by then, but the FM system will improve matters, especially in a busier, noisier classroom situation where group discussions and listening to instructions are going to become ever more important.

First day of school

End of year presentation

Congratulations on your excellent story writing skills, Philippa!

For the final day of the year, the entire school, along with other schools from the city, headed to Rathtrevor Beach for the day. The kindergarten kids only stayed until lunch time, but much fun was had by all. It really is the most amazing place, as the beach is absolutely enormous when the tide goes out and children chased crabs, looks for shells and built sandcastles, before having a snack, retrieving toys and getting back on the bus.

Rathtrevor Beach

Fun at the beach

Brian and his Mum and Dad

After an excellent and busy school year, we are planning a relaxing summer, filled with picnics, playdates, beach trips, movies, stories, art, reading (and, of course, as much sewing as I can get away with!). Tomorrow I am hoping the littlest one will sleep in past 6.30, though lying in beyond that time generally means that the benefit of extra sleep is outweighed by the sciatic pain it provokes. It will be nice for the girls to be able to stay in their jammies for breakfast, I won’t have to pack a mid-morning snack….ah, bliss! A leisurely walk at the beach or to the neighbourhood park, before a trip to the fabric store to check out what’s in stock before the HST comes into effect, lunch in the garden, then dinner at Mum’s. Does it get much better?!


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