On the beach

We are incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. In some ways, it isn’t luck at all – we chose to live here because my parents moved here. They travelled through Nanaimo by chance when they came back to Canada to live. They were looking for a business and fancied seeing the island, as they had never been this far west before. The drove through Nanaimo, liked what they saw and decided to call it home. For the next 17 years they ran a very successful and popular restaurant, before Mum sold it in 2008, retired and finally got time to sleep, see the grandchildren and do the things she loves to do. The point of telling you all this is that I had been away from my family for 10 years, while studying at university, then working. I finally decided it was time to go home and I am really, really glad I did. Brian and I love this place and can both understand why Dad declared that he didn’t care if he never left the island ever again. That was a profound statement of contentment from a man who left England to work in Antarctica, before travelling through South America and the US, then settled in northern Alberta. He then worked inside the Arctic Circle (he liked the cold!), in northern Saskatchewan and numerous other places before the family moved back to England to fulfill a long-held dream of running a pub. Six years as an incredibly busy and well-loved landlord and landlady satisfied that need and Dad decided it was time to come back to Canada. So you can see that being happy to live in one place, by the sea, with a mountain range as the backdrop, was a pretty big deal. We have now lived here for nearly 8 years and the only change we are likely to make is eventually buying an acreage so we can have more space for our creative pursuits (painting, sewing, pottery, weaving, antique radio restoration, garden railway, radio controlled aircraft) and a much bigger garden for growing produce. Our oldest daughter has declared that we are not allowed to move until she grows up and moves out and that is fine by me!

Once again, I digress! We love living here on the west coast, but we don’t take advantage of our surroundings half as much as we ought to, perhaps because we are so content with our own little corner of the world, but when we do go, oh the wonders we see! Photos don’t even do justice to the beauty of this place, nor do I have the eloquence to describe the feeling you get from having the good fortune to be surrounded by such breath-taking natural glory. Even a simple walk on the beach is restorative and inspiring.

Driftwood on the shore, Piper's, Nanaimo

More driftwood

And some more...

Perhaps I ought to rename the post “Driftwood”!! I promise, that is the last photo of driftwood for today!



~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on May 7, 2010.

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