Sewing filled week

This week has been filled with sewing, which makes for a happy mummy! I was asked to help out with the costumes for the school’s spring concert, so have been working on that a fair bit, interspersed with a custom bag order which was a delight. There are 41 children in the kindergarten classes and they are all being lion cubs for the performance. The kindergarten teacher and I are both rather fond of the fabric shop, so we had fun hunting for materials that would transform the little monkeys into lion cubs. Thankfully, we were agreed on the simple approach and were able to work within a tight timeframe and an even tighter budget. Serendipity! I had picked out some fabrics that would work, but on the day we went in together, we found pieces of mustard and brown fleece in the remnants bin and they were utterly perfect for our costumes! The children are all going to have ears, wristbands and a tummy patch on a yellow shirt. I have made the ears with two pieces of the mustardy-orange fleece, pinked around the edges, a brown centre and have sewn them to a stretchy headband. I have even wired the ears so that they can be shaped when the children put them on. The wristbands are made by tying alternating strips of fleece to elastic hairbands. We made great progress at our work bee at school on Thursday, where several moms got together to work on the costumes. Of course, our kids are all cute anyway, but they will look even cuter on stage! I’ll add photos to the post next week.

As I mentioned, I also worked on a custom order messenger bag this week for a lady I met through Facebook. She is a great mom, always on the go, down to earth and with a wicked sense of humour, so it was a pleasure to be able to create something she loves. She decided it was definitely time to retire the Spiderman backpack, no matter how much her son likes it! She wanted a bag that would keep things organized, have space for Mom essentials like snacks and all the other bits and pieces we all need, as well as being sleek and stylish. The bag is certainly that, as well as being incredibly pretty. We decided the best bag would be the “Martha” one, a messenger bag with a rear magazine pocket, adjustable strap, key clip, parachute clip closure and lots of pockets. I used a combination of drapery fabrics, cotton, interfacing and Armo fleece.

Pam's messenger bag

Open view, Pam's bag

Interior, Pam's bag

Rear view, Pam's bag


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on April 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sewing filled week”

  1. Love the bag…practical, unique and stylish!

  2. You did such a nice job on this! Thank you so much for sharing and linking to my party!

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