Meet my talented husband

I know I have quietly raved about my husband in the past, as he is a great friend, wonderful husband and brilliant father. He has been endlessly supportive of my business and I couldn’t do any of this without him. He never complains about the sewing machine noise, having to communicate via messenger while I sew in my office, about the thread and fabric scraps all over the carpet or about having to be my chauffeur while my back has been bad. He has taken over many of the daily tasks of the household while I have been effectively out of action. He has modified my equipment to make it easier and safer for me to work and doesn’t moan about having to wait outside the fabric stores for me.  What’s more, he is incredibly smart, a techno-whiz, sci-fi fan and can turn his hand to just about anything. All in all, he is a total gem! To top it all off, he is now a published musician! I am so, so excited for him, as music is as much a passion for him as sewing is for me. His new song, “Adrift”, has been released and will be available for purchase from iTunes,, imvu, rhapsody, zune, amazonmp3, napster, lala, shockhound and others. It can now be streamed from CBC Radio, where it is currently featured under “Latest and Greatest” It can also be streamed from the Laminar Flow website



~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on March 12, 2010.

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