Olympic excitement

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I have become about the Olympics! After months of media-induced stress about how much it is going to cost the province, the programs which have been cut, extended wait times for MRIs, heavy-handed practices of the IOC and their lawyers and all the rest, I am so utterly thrilled to watch the athletes perform. It has been an incredible Games. Vancouver has been showcased to the world and, despite some unfortunately damp conditions and some unpleasant protests, it has been shown to be an amazing city. British Columbia is a breathtakingly beautiful province, in winter and summer, though I admit that the West Coast winter rains can be rather monotonous at times. I anticipate that there will be many return visitors over the coming months and years.

Typically, the Olympics have inspired us, along with many other people, to become more active. We now have a goal to focus on, along with the children. DH and the girls want to learn to snowboard and I am determined to learn to ski and skate. Considering my current condition, it is going to be some time before I am able to start, but at least I have a goal! Once I recover from this injury and / or from the surgery, I will have to rebuild my strength and endurance. We are optimistic that next winter we will be better able to embrace all that this beautiful island has to offer and are looking into heading up to Mount Washington.It will take some work, commitment, courage, focus and better tires, but we’ll get there!

As for today, the tension is already building! The men’s ice hockey final between Canada and the USA is on at noon Pacific Time, so we’ll be anxiously perched on the edge of the couch, trying to restrain ourselves so we don’t frighten the children! Must remember to breathe…. I think I must have some American readers, so apologies now, but I’ll be cheering on Canada all the way!



~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on February 28, 2010.

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