Milly’s birthday, part 1

Our little munchkin is turning 3! My, how time flies!

These are some of the things Milly will be opening tomorrow. I made a couple of skirts, a nightie, 2 plain jackets, 1 reversible jacket, as well as an apron and quilt for her baby dolls. As a joint gift with her grandparents we got her a gorgeous 14″ (36cm) Corolle doll, the Vanilla Brunette. I think she is completely lovely and am really looking forward to seeing Milly’s face. Pip, who has rarely shown much interest in dolls, is also smitten! Perhaps it is because it is a girl doll, not a baby doll… She has already declared that they will be sharing her!

I also made Milly a matching reversible apron and chef’s hat for when she is playing with her kitchen and helping me bake. Up until now she has always used Pip’s hand-me-downs, so I thought it was about time she had her own.

Milly's goodies

I made her a lined fabric basket to put the dolly clothes in and a duffel bag to carry her swimming things and ballet gear when she starts her lessons this week. She is so excited to finally be old enough for ballet!

The goodie bags are going to be pretty simple: a small bag of jelly beans, a 4″ disco ball and a reversible placemat and coaster for each child. I know I made the right fabric choices for each, as Philippa knew who each was destined for! These might seem like an odd thing to put in a goodie bag, but my friends know my feelings about the usual “stuff” that is given in these bags. Not going to happen here!

Goodie bag contents

I will post pictures of the festivities tomorrow.


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on February 1, 2010.

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