Lovely new bags

I am adding two new products to the range. The first is a messenger-style bag which is the perfect size for your daily needs and will keep you organized in style. Well, at least your handbag contents will be organized, even if your life isn’t! The finished size is approximately 9″ across, 10″ high and 3″ wide. The bag features a full flap with a parachute clip closure, multiple pockets under the flap, as well as inside the bag, a rear pocket, a key clip and a sturdy adjustable strap. I use a combination of fleece and interfacing for structure and durability. This is a fantastic day to day bag, as it is roomy enough to carry everything you could really need. This was a custom order (using the very last of one of my favourite fabrics, ever!), so some of the pockets are specifically designed for particular items, such as a daytimer, larger planner, wallet, glasses case etc, but there are also pockets for pens, notepads, cell phone, plus the interior has plenty of space for a water bottle, snack, diaper and wipes etc. About 35 different pieces were used in the construction of this bag, not to mention the hardware, so you have to stay organized when making it too!

"Organize your life" messenger-style bag

The second bag is similar, but is 11.5″ across, 9.5″ high and 3.5″ deep. The rear pocket is designed to hold a magazine, plus there are pockets galore for cell phone, pens, notepads etc. There is also a key clip to save you scrabbling around and an adjustable strap so it can be worn on one shoulder or across the body. I think this one would be perfect for travelling. I am sorely tempted to keep this for myself, but am being strong – and picking out fabrics for my own!

Satchel-style bag


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on January 29, 2010.

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