Thankful for 30

The lovely Mary, over at Confessions of a Craft Addict, is doing “Thankful for 30” this year and I am joining in! For each day of November everyone who participates will post about at least one thing for which they are grateful. As my daughter would say, I am going to count my blessings! This is especially important on a day when excruciating back pain is making me miserable.

Thankful for 30

Thankful for 30

Of course, I am several days late, so I have some catching up to do! I think I will edit this post each day to add my note of gratitude.

1. Thankful that Halloween is over, as fun as it was!

2. Wall-mounted thread racks.

3. A supportive and loving family.

4. A sense of humour.

5. Analgesics.

6. Unbroken umbrellas.

7. Good teachers.

8. A kind and generous mother who is looking after the children so I can get ready for my first market. Love you, Ma!

9. Sales at the fabric store.

10. Friends.

11. A big garden.

12. Electric blanket to thaw my feet.

13. Knee-high boots that fit.

14. My Dad’s wonderful pastry recipe.

15. Healthy, happy children.

16. Living near my mum.

17. A break in the rain to give the water a chance to soak away.

I do have lots of other things I am thankful for, but a very, very painful flare up of my herniated disk injury from the spring has made me grumpy and morose for the last couple of weeks. The new medication is dulling the pain a bit, but making me nauseous and fuzzy-headed, as well as terribly sleepy. I am scheduled for some treatment on Thursday, so hopefully that will make things a little easier. On a happy note, it is now December 1st, so I can dust off “Miracle on 35th Street” and start getting in the Christmas spirit! Woohoo!!


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