Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada, so, like many others, I am thinking of the things for which I am thankful. No doubt I will leave something crucial out, so this list is by no means exhaustive!

I am thankful for my loving, happy and mostly healthy family. I am incredibly grateful to my amazing husband who puts aside his interests to help support me in mine. None of this would be possible without him.

I am thankful for lovely friends, creative buddies, inspiring bloggers, wonderful neighbours, fabric stores and sewing machines. Especially the kind man who checked out my machine after I broke a needle in it.

I am thankful I live in a peaceful, stable part of the world. I’m thankful for running water, electricity and ready access to food, healthcare and education. I am thankful that I can also have such “frivolous” things as an electric blanket, ice cream maker and a collection of handbags!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. xx

PS The menu for tomorrow’s celebratory meal:

roast chicken

bacon wrapped sausages

sage and onion stuffing

roast potatoes

mashed yam and sweet potato

homemade cranberry sauce





~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on October 11, 2009.

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