Birthday gift ideas

Like most people with young children, throughout the year we are invited to numerous birthday parties and trying to think of ideas for birthday gifts is sometimes a challenge. Admittedly, it is somewhat easier now that I make most gifts myself. I do this because I genuinely enjoy making things and really love being able to give something unique that I have made myself. I am also keen to avoid filling other peoples’ houses with yet more plastic toys. It would undoubtedly be easier and probably cheaper to go and buy something, but I don’t do that anymore. I often worry that our offerings will look paltry in comparison to some of the other glitzy, popular gifts, but I know the time and effort involved and am pretty sure that the things I have made will be around and in use long after the battery-operated, plastic things have died or lost their appeal.

We have given handmade aprons, bibs, bags, tutus and crayon rolls. Our most recent party was for the 5th birthday of one of Pip’s friends. Her mom had a special request: J. really wanted the outfit from the Backyardigans’ Volcano Sisters. I had to Google it to find an image:–pi-2559992.html

This is what I came up with:

Custom request Backyardigans costume

Custom request Backyardigans costume

The headdress is constructed of layers of felt and raffia. The dress itself became a challenge when my daughter refused to give up the original dress, so I have to come up with another one the night before the party. This is made from an old sarong. The main body sections were cut to highlight the motif on the sarong, but the fringed hem was running in the opposite direction, so I had to sew them on as a band. It was good in that I then didn’t have to hem the dress. The upper section of the dress has facing for stability. I used Simplicity pattern 5489. The sash is the model’s own!

When I can work out how to put several images together, I will do a post with pics of some of the other things we give.


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on February 21, 2009.

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