Simple pleasures

We are thinking about cancelling our cable plan, seeing how much the girls enjoyed watching the new washing machine in action last night!

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

We still need to install the dryer and shelving, then I might set up some chairs so they can watch in comfort! It was so much fun seeing them, as it reminded us both of when we were children and our mothers got machines for the first time. My husband must have been about 8 when his mum got a front loader and he sat and watched load after load go round. I remember Mum washing clothes by hand with a tub and washboard. Bear in mind that I am 34. We didn’t have running water until I was 6, so getting a twin tub was a big deal. Anyway, I am really happy with the machine’s performance so far and am looking forward to testing out the dryer too. I hang washing out during the summer, but it is far too wet and cold here right now to do that and I am not keen on filling the house with damp laundry. We used to do that, but I don’t think it is particularly healthy – and we just don’t have the space for it either.

Yesterday was Milly’s second birthday and we had a lovely day. It was a very late night the night before, getting ready for her birthday brunch, and a very early morning. Actually thinking back, it was very much like when she was born! Didn’t get much sleep that night either! We are very fortunate to have two beautiful, happy, healthy, funny girls who love each other very much – most of the time. Milly was a quiet, peaceful and contented baby who is turning into a mischievous, articulate, cuddly little girl. She has the most amazing eyes that have not yet decided on a colour, an infectious laugh and the sweetest little feet.

All in all, I am a very happy Mummy.

Happy Birthday Milly

Happy Birthday Milly

Talking to Nanny & Poppa on the computer

Talking to Nanny & Poppa on the computer, wearing her birthday crown and new fleece


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on February 2, 2009.

One Response to “Simple pleasures”

  1. Too cute about the washer!! LOL!

    Happy Birthday to Milly!!! I have a little gift here for her, forgot to sent it with Tim to Elizabeth’s party.

    Hope to see you soon!


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