Big "doh!"

Finally! I just figured out what “OOAK” stands for! Please tell me I am not the only person who didn’t know that it stands for “one of a kind”! I have seen it often enough and I certainly should know what it means, as pretty much everything I make is exactly that. Oh, I’m a happy camper now!

This weekend we took our 4 year old daughter to see “The Nutcracker”. Grandma bought her a new dress, I painted her nails and curled her hair and she was very excited and happy about it all – until the Sugar Plum Fairy came on. Now, the performance was marvellous, the costumes were lovely and our seats were great. So far, so good. The Sugar Plum Fairy, however, was all wrong. “But Daddy, she is supposed to be pink. It’s not right.” From then on, complete sulk. It kind of went downhill from there and, though we managed to get her to stop asking to go home, she steadfastly refused to clap at the end. What can you do? Next time Grandma can babysit them both and we will go on our own!

Yesterday was the big Christmas decorating day. Despite several years of experience, I never, ever think it is going to take as long as it does. Every year it comes as a surprise that I can’t get it all done in a couple of hours.  We put on my all-time favourite Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street, cleared a space for the tree and spent the rest of the day covering it in an assortment of ornaments. This is no show tree. I do not do a colour theme or any form of coordination. Our tree is a collection of family memories and meaningful ornaments, filled in with some generic baubles that were probably on sale! I started my collection as a teenaged exchange student in Michigan and my first ornament was a red 1957 Corvette by Hallmark, a gift from a good friend.  Now we have tiny lighthouses, miniature stockings, disco balls, beaded tassles, glass baubles and the essential bird. The tree will continue to look different every year, as the girls’ handmade decorations take centre stage. For us, the tree is about family, building memories and creating our own traditions, not about design and perfection.

My Mum and I plan to buy or make an ornament for each of the girls every year, so that when they “set up house” they will have a little collection of their own.

I have just completed all my orders for Christmas. I have made 8 children’s aprons, 6 adult ones, 3 bags, several crayon rolls and numerous ponytail holders. Everything else is on hold while I work on things for us for awhile. We are invited to a winter solstice party and I am planning a couple of costumes for us, plus some wide leg lounge pants for Mum for Christmas, a couple of tutus, a reversible dress for the little one and a few clothes for her doll. Once Christmas is done, I promised to work on some new bags and am re-upholstering the cushions on a friend’s boat. Good thing I like to sew!!


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on December 8, 2008.

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