Felt storyboard outfits

Nicki, at Mimi’s Room, gave me a great idea when I read a recent post about things she had made for her grandchildren. They love the little felt characters and outfits she makes for them and it is something I knew my girls would love too. Nicki wrote a tutorial here. I admit that I took a big shortcut and just cut outfits and props out of felt. When I have more time (ie when I have completed some custom orders) I will make some more elaborate items, using Nicki’s instructions. I am a bit of an instant-gratification crafter sometimes!

Felt storyboard outfits

Felt storyboard outfits

The important thing is that the girls love them and have been busy making up some very interesting stories. The original set was a safari collection, so the stories so far have involved princesses and their rhinoceros servants….


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on November 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Felt storyboard outfits”

  1. Fiona, these look great! I like the fact that yours are more story related rather than just dress up. I think I’ll have to add some more items to mine, like your house and the snowman, to generate more story/play ideas……

    I just love the sharing of ideas that can happen with all the blogging going on out there, on so many subjects!

  2. What a cool idea!!

  3. LOVE this, Fi!! Ella just loves playing with felt boards!! Will have to get her one to play with one of these days!! :o)

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