Pumpkin 2008

We grew a few pumpkins this year…a few small pumpkins, not like Dave and Lesley’s gigantic beastie! Pip and I picked our biggest this afternoon while Milly had her nap. It was just big enough for her chosen pattern. She thoroughly enjoyed scooping out the “brains” and separating the seeds, which she wants to cook and eat while watching a movie. Last year we did a spider and this year’s choice was this lovely witchy lady:


~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on October 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pumpkin 2008”

  1. That pumpkin looks great! I love to carve pumpkins, one year I did Edward Scissor Hands. I’ll put a picture of it on my blog sometime (when i find it). One year I also stuck some pumpkin seeds in my mom’s garden and i didn’t think they would actually grow but they did. She was not pleased. They grew everywhere and into the neighbours’ yards.


  2. Thanks! I have to admit that when we moved here 6 years ago, I bought a pumpkin carving kit at Michaels. It came with all the tools and a book of patterns. I would not be able to do it any other way!
    We grew our pumpkins this year, but I planted way too many and had to pull some out so they didn’t take over the garden! My friend’s husband’s pumpkin was over 1000lbs this year!

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