Second thoughts

Have you ever started something…and then wished you hadn’t? Have you ever gone ahead regardless? How often has someone suggested one path, you choose the other and then realize that you should have listened?

We are going to a Halloween playdate next week and I said that I would make fabric goodie bags for all the children, despite the fact that I have a moderately-sized list of to-do projects to complete. I did this because I do try quite hard to avoid many aspects of our throw-away, one-use, disposable society. The thought of all the mums buying individual plastic goodie bags for each of the children seemed unnecessary and wasteful, so I decided this would be my contribution. I knew it would have been easier – and much cheaper – to just go to the dollar store and grab a pack of bags, but no! In the middle of cutting, pressing and seemingly endless sewing, I was seriously regretting my decision, however environmentally conscientious it might have seemed. Hours later and the bags are finally finished and my irritation at myself for sticking to my guns has started to fade and I am now happy with my choice. It may have cost more to produce the fabric and ribbons and transport them here and then make the bags, but I avoided one trip to the dollar store – and a bin full of plastic bags to boot! Now I can be quietly pleased that I have done my bit to give each child something unique and re-useable, and my husband can still say “I told you so”! But next time, I just might listen…

Trick or treat bags
Trick or treat bags

~ by Pip 'n' Milly Creations on October 26, 2008.

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